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Beginning January 7th, 2018, I will be teaching the following 12 week courses at the DeMelfi School of Music, 711 S. Church St., Hazleton, Pa. 18201. Click on the title to see the entire course description by week.

Navigating the New Music Industry

Due to changes in the music industry it has become difficult to earn a living as a musician. This course is designed to help musicians earn a living with music by creating multiple revenue streams. If you are a musician wanting to make a living with music, an aspiring manager, or a seasoned manager wondering why the old methods of marketing no longer work, this course is for you.

Songwriting – Lyrics

If you have you ever wanted to write lyrics that have mass appeal, then this course is for you. In this course, we discuss what lyrical elements have been used in songs that have become hits over the years and currently. It includes writing exercises and lots of class participation.


If you have ever wondered why a particular chord progression has a particular effect on you or which chord progressions are most often used in hit songs, then this course is for you. The main focus of this course is on power progressions that have been used in hit songs from the 50s to present day and still work.

Songwriting - Melody

What makes a great melody that is memorable and makes you want to sing along? What makes people want to listen to your music? How can you keep a melody simple, yet catchy? The answers to these questions and more are easier than you think. Sign up for this course to find out just how simple it is.

Music production

Learn the functions of different types of microphones, basic mic placement, recording, enhancements, mixing and mastering using Cubase pro 9.

See more details in each course description by clicking the link for the course. To register for any of these courses, call the DeMelfi School Of Music 570-455-2728.

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