BMI affiliated published songwriter since 1979
Producer/engineer and A&R for Captain Blue Records since 1980

Instructor at DeMelfi School of Music since 2005




Below is a list of albums produced and published by Taylor Sappe and released on his "Captain Blue Records" label.

The Master Number

Taylor's original piano solos. The entire album is based on numerology's master number 11. There are 11 tracks on the album. The digits in the length of each piece, in minutes and seconds, add up to 11.  The digits in the tempo of each song add up to 11. The release date digits in the day, month and year, all add up to 11.

This album is great for relaxation and meditation.

Escape velocity

An eclectic album of Taylor's original instrumental compositions that were composed over a 10 year period from 1980 to 1990.  3 albums were done during that period, and the best of those 3 were compiled into a single album and released.  The album was originally recorded with a 4 track reel to reel multi-track tape recorder because at the time of recording, digital recording was cost prohibitive.  It was then mastered onto 1/4 inch reel to reel 2-track tape.  The master was transferred to a cassette tape.  At the time that Taylor decided to release this album, digital recording had become more affordable, but rather than rerecord the entire album, he decided to try to digitally re-master the album from the cassette.  Using noise elimination software, he removed the hiss from the cassette, then began the re-mastering process.  The release that you can now listen to is the result of that process.


In the mid 90's, digital recording equipment started becoming affordable.  What once cost $50,000 was brought down to a scaled down version costing only about $700 for an 8 track digital recorder.  Taylor started with an 8 track ADAT tape recorder, offering recording service to his clients.  During this time, one of his clients, Dean Kupets, AKA back then Deva-kant, had come in to record a demo of a song he had written.  Taylor liked his music so much that he decided to produce him.  During the production period, Taylor had migrated to a self-contained hard disk 8 track recording system that offered many more features than the ADAT, and produced the entire album by transferring what had already been recorded on ADAT to the new system and using it's advanced features.

Deva-kant is a Southern Rock singer/songwriter.  He currently goes by the name of Dean Paul, and is in the process of recording a new Classic Rock style album with Taylor using the PC based software "Cubase", which offers unlimited tracks and massive amounts of advanced features not found in any other recording system.


KelC is a country artist that Taylor produced over a 3 year period.  During this time, she had recorded and released 3 albums under Taylor's publishing and record label "Captain Blue Records"  In 2013, Kelc's first album was nominated for a Grammy and came at number 37.  Not bad for someone who was an unknown artist. Especially when one of the hit country artists came in at number 43.

Kelc's other 2 albums were "Twelve Dozen Roses" and "Kelc's Kountry Kristmas".  You can hear clips and purchase the album on the audio page when you click "KelC" above.

Hazleton Rocks

Taylor teaches at the DeMelfi School of Music.  It is there that he finds much of the talent that he produces.  Many of the students are songwriters, but have only written one or two songs, so Taylor decided to make a compilation album of these gifted students.  This is the second of these student compilations, which contain a mixture of genres, and was released in 2011. 

Child Prodigies

In 2007, Taylor had discovered a gold mine of talent at the DeMelfi School of Music, where he teaches.  This discovery led him to start a compilation album for the purpose of introducing the students to the recording industry.  It's sole purpose was to show students how recording artists work in recording studios, how publishing, record labels, and the music business in general works.  It was also to show them how to promote their music and earn money from their songs.  The album contains multiple genres, and as with all other digital albums, you can download singles from the album.  Click on "Child Prodigies" above to listen to clips and download the album or singles from it.

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