Are you a "starving artist "?

I hear this term used most often among singer-songwriters. Although the reasons may vary, the bottom line is that they are unable to make a living making music. Some will use the excuse that they don't want to sell out to commercialism. I have been there myself at one time, but it is in fact, an excuse.


In my 60 plus years of experience, I have discovered, first hand, that the biggest cause for the starving artist is a lack of professional attitude, and business sense.  I have seen so much talent go to waste because of the artist's attitude. It seems that the most gifted seemed to be the least likely to succeed.  I think this is because they feel that since they don't have to work at their talent they don't have to work at making a living, so they don't.


My advice to these people is, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to take your work seriously. Show up on time for rehearsals, start your gigs on time, don't extend your break time. Don't claim that you're a better musician and someone else, don't badmouth other musicians. Maintain a professional attitude.


The most effective way to earn a living with music is through networking. You want to connect with as many professionals in the music business as possible. The only way they will connect with you is if you have a professional attitude and are dependable. If you come off is unprofessional, they won't want to work with you. Show professionalism, and you will network with many other professionals. Act like a jerk and you will network with many other jerks.


Success comes in many levels, and referrals are usually responsible for each new level.  If you can think along these lines when you connect with other professionals, you will have lasting and lucrative relationships and will never be a starving artist again.

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