Everything is music

The science of music

bullet  Music is a combination of pitches and rhythm. Pitch and rhythm are all around you. You'll find it in people's voices, birds, insects, traffic, the wind.  If you listen closely, your entire environment is a symphony.
bullet  Every pitch contains it's own rhythm. Each pitch is a frequency measured in hertz, or vibrations per second.  Those vibrations are equally spaced, creating a rhythmic wave.
bullet  Even at the most basic level of our existence, the atom, there is pitch and rhythm as electrons revolve around a nucleus, as the planets revolve around a sun.  Everything is made up of atoms. Everything is vibration. Everything is pitch and rhytm. Everything is music.
bullet  From the atoms to the movement of our universe, these vibrations create a wave of energy.  In other words, we, and everything around us is a wave of energy.  When the same frequencies of these waves occur at the same time, they are "in phase", and create an amplification of the energy and movement in consonance.  When the same frequencies occur at different times, they are "out of phase", and create a reduction of energy and dissonance.
bullet  When we are in phase with our environment it is like surfing the wave of energy around us.  We can move forward effortlessly in everything we do.  When we are out of phase with our environment we run into obstacles that prevent us from moving forward.  Some people are naturally in phase and others are naturally out of phase with their environment.  Most of us are in and out of phase at different times because the energy wave changes in length and intensity periodically like the waves in the ocean.  It is when you become aware of the energy wave created by the rhythm of your environment that you can tune into it and become in phase with it.
bullet  Practice becoming aware of the energy wave: Sit or lay quietly and listen to the sounds around you.  Stay focused on them until you can hear a steady rhythmic pulse.  That is the current energy wave.  That pulse may remain steady for a few minutes, then it will change.  Listen for changes.  When you can tune into the pulse and it's changes you can surf the energy wave.  I believe this is where the term "go with the flow" came from.  With a little practice you can go with the flow, and you will find that you can take whatever comes your way and find a way to enjoy it just as you would enjoy surfing a wave in the ocean or listening to music.

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