Success In The Music Business

  Many of us view success as being well known, well loved, and making tons of money, which is why so many performers try for that golden ring.  Although there are rare instances when that success is handed to you, 99.9999% of the times you have to work for it. 

Breaking the rules



We are all taught that music, and the instrument we play, has a set of rules that need to be adhered to.  However, sometimes those rules need to be broken.  For instance, In voice training, breath support is trained for the specific purpose of singing long phrases or holding notes for long lengths.  You would rarely hear a"trained" vocalist take a breath in the middle of a phrase.  Yet in pop music you often hear a vocalist not only take a breath in the middle of a phrase, but in the middle of a word with more than one syllable.

  The point here is that the rules of one genre or style may very well be to break the rules of another style.  In other words, if you want to sing like a pop singer, it is okay to take a breath in the middle of a word.  If you are going to break the rules however, it should be because you know the rules and are breaking them intentionally for a particular effect, instead of breaking them just because you don't know what they are.


1/8/15: Professionalism:

  In order to work with professionals we need to be professionals.  For us to be professionals, we need to take what we do seriously.  We need to be punctual and dependable.  We need to be honest so others will have no doubt that they can trust us.  We need to be mindful and respectful of how we use another person's time.
  Our goal must always be to keep our relationships productive by focusing on those who strive for the same type of relationship. 

What do you want to do for a living?

Back in the late 70s I went to an organization that claimed to train you for any job you wanted, give you on-the-job training, then job placement in that field.  We had to fill out an application that included the type of work we wanted to do.  I asked if we could list anything, no matter how far fetched it was, and they said we could.  I was, of course, the only one who listed "Record Producer" as a preferred occupation.

Campaign contributions

Everyone is getting ready for elections and I am receiving requests for campaign contributions by political candidates. It finally occurred to me that it is the candidate with the most money behind them who usually wins..

Dealing with crap

There are two kinds of crap we all must deal with at some time in our lives: Necessary and unnecessary crap.

Students who practice

There is no greater reward to a music teacher than a student who practices.


Fear Of Making Mistakes

Many students are so afraid to make mistakes that every time they make one they feel that they have to stop and go back and correct it.

Compete With Yourself

Whether you have a competitive nature or not, as a musician, the best way to compete is with yourself instead of others.

New Discoveries In Music

I have been involved in making music for 57 years and I still find myself learning something new about music. Not a day goes by that I don't make some new discoveries,

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