Solving Trust Issues

At some point in our lives we have all been deceived into trusting someone who betrayed us.  The depth of our setback depended on how deeply involved we were at the time we discovered the betrayal.  How much of our lives did we waste involved with someone who betrayed us before we found out?  There must be a way to find out early enough to avoid wasting time and energy with these people. 

More than 50 years experience in the music business has taught me a lot of lessons.  One valuable lesson I learned about moving forward is that your entire team has to have each other's backs.  Everybody on the team is working to help each other reach personal goals while helping the team reach a common goal.  The team's common goal could be to help individual team members reach personal goals. This "One for all, all for one" mindset seems to be the most efficient way to move forward.  But how do you seek out people with this mindset?  The fastest way I have found is to give someone an opportunity to betray you and see if they do.  If they do, don't give them anymore of your energy, positive or negative, physical, mental or emotional. Put them out of your thoughts and continue to seek out more team members with skills, talent and network connections that the team is missing and could benefit from in some way.  Continue to add like-minded people to your team for a worry-free, unstoppable team.

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