Students who practice

There is no greater reward to a music teacher than a student who practices.

Some students take music lessons because their parents forced them into it. A teacher can usually tell by the signs from a student that they don't want to be there. One sign is when the student offers resistance or shows signs of not wanting to learn what you are teaching, but the most telling sign is when a student is consistently not practicing.  It is understandable if a student misses practice occasionally because his or her week was filled with other activities, but when a student hasn't practiced for an entire month it is usually an indication that they just don't want to be taking lessons.  It becomes frustrating to a teacher when each time the student comes for a lesson they have to review their first lesson because they didn't practice it.  At this point I usually have a talk with the parent and recommend that they take their child out of lessons until there is a desire to be there.

When a student practices every week, or at least most of the weeks, they will show progress.  When a teacher sees that progress it makes their job one of the most rewarding jobs anyone could possibly have.

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