Child Prodigies

Child Prodigies

by Child Prodigies

Released 2007
Captain Blue Records
Released 2007
Captain Blue Records
Ten amazingly talented youths perform Dance, Country, Rock, Easy Listening, Light Jazz and Christian music, all on one CD.

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This is a compilation CD of 10 different artists. These artists are students
of the DeMelfi School of Music, in Hazleton, Pa. They study voice, piano, or
songwriting, or any combination of the three. Their ages range from 13 to 23
years old. All have been involved in music since early childhood.

Individual bios can be read at each artist's MySpace music page. First go to the
Child Prodigies MySpace Music
Page. At the left column all of the artists are listed. If there is a link
for that artist it will take you to their MySpace Music page where you can read
their bio.

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