Holding On To Remembering

by Deva-kant

Released 2002
Captain Blue
Released 2002
Captain Blue
Southern Rock, Acoustic Rock with an electric edge, Country Rock and Ballads.

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My name is Deva-kant , some say I sound like Creed with some Southern Rock feeling, Some say Country crossover, others say it reminds them of 80's rock. My music is a spiritual journey, from the depths of drug abuse and chaos, to the heights of meditation and awakening to a clear blue sky, this album represents my love and my search for personal freedom, for rebellion, for truth. My writing is driven by a need to share all that I have. This album is for everyone in search, this album is for you.

Peace Deva-kant.

Deva-kant's Musical influences are: Bad Company, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, Rolling Stones.

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