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Twelve Dozen Roses

by Kelc

Released 2013
Captain Blue Records
Released 2013
Captain Blue Records
A modern country album with that old fashioned traditional country sound mixed with a little of today's technology.

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The first song on the album is a tribute to Elvis. The second song is a self description of KelC, the artist. The remaining songs on the album describe a love affair from it's wonderful beginnings, through it's trials and tribulations, right down to it's bitter end.

All songs done in a combination of traditional and modern country style with some bluegrass influence and some jazz influence.

Contributing songwriters are Dave Spittler, Alfred Earl with Karen Kennedy and Taylor Sappe as co-writers, Wayne Lambert with Taylor Sappe as co-writer, Lana J. Sprague.

Contributing musicians: J. Creed, Paul Bettencourt, Taylor Sappe

Production & engineering: Taylor Sappe

Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction