Pop Ballads

Classical Pop 1

Taylor Sappe




A pop ballad with Classical style piano, Classical nylon guitar in combination with electric guitar, and a string section. 

This is an instrumental set of 3 guitars, bass, drums, piano, strings

7 tracks, 3 min 44 sec

Original tempo 88 BPM.

Song form: AABBABC

Intro, Verse, Verse, Chorus, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus (½ step Modulated), Chorus (for fade – [has abrupt end])

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7 Audio Stems & Stereo mix: $69.95

7 Midi tracks with pdf drum map $69.95 (use with your own VST instruments)

Cubase 9 (or higher) project files (using only Cubase pro 9 plug-ins) $109.95

pdf chord chart: $9.95

Bass Score: $9.95

Drum Score: $39.95

Guitar score: $9.95 ea. (3 guitars)

Piano score: $19.95

String score: $9.95 ea. (6 string instruments)

Conductor's score: $140.00

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