Production Tracks


This is where you will find background instrumental tracks of entire song layouts.  All you need to do is add the lyrics and melody.  These instrumentals also work well as background music for film, TV, videos and commercials.


Loops taken to the next level

Many songwriters and producers use loops in the creation of their productions because they don't have access to professional musicians, have limited musical skills, or just need to save time and meet deadlines.  Why are loops so handy?  Because they will follow the tempo of your project and you can assemble them in whatever order you like. You can cut them and use portions, combine them with other loops, arrange them.. 

Even though loops can be a big time saver, it is still time consuming to assemble them in the form of a song, then go back and add fills, intros and endings, then mix them.  Wouldn't it be a bigger time saver if all of that work was already done for you?  What if all of the tracks for an entire song were already composed for you and all you had to do was add your own vocal and/or other instruments?  Now this is possible.

If you use any type of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), you can import individual tracks (stems) from my multi-track recordings and use only the tracks you need, add your music tracks or loops, add vocals to my tracks.  I can even prepare them to follow your project tempo, and any tempo changes you decide to make at any time.  If you do not have a DAW, but need some tracks to write your songs to, we have mixes you can use for rehearsal, and you will still have access to each individual track for when you record your vocal somewhere that has a DAW.


Some uses for your tracks

These tracks are royalty free.  When you purchase a set of tracks you purchase the same rights to use them as you would if you had purchased a loop set.  You can use them as is or modify them. Use them in song releases without having to payout any royalties.


These tracks are ideal for

  • Lyricists who can carry a tune, but don't play an instrument or have difficulty finding a co-writer to do the music.
  • Vocalists who can write their own lyrics and can improvise melodies. Save time and money in the studio.
  • Producers with deadlines to meet and want to save time and money in the studio and need flawless tracks ready for mastering.
  • Background music for film, TV, commercials or video games.
  • Singer/Songwriters with limited musical skills who want more to add to the production of their songs, save time and money in the studio, need flawless tracks ready for mastering, avoid writer's block, need to meet deadlines, or complete an album or single quickly.
  • Music instructors who teach their students to improvise or play in a band but don't have professional musicians available to play along with their students.
  • Music instructors teaching songwriting and song form analysis.
  • Jammers who need some pro tracks to jam to.  Playing along with professional musicians helps to develop skill.
  • Yoga centers, workout instructors, gyms. Choose different tempos or control the tempo for various workout levels.


Mixes and stem files included in your choice of the following formats:



128k (near CD quality. Small file), 320k (CD quality. Larger file, but smaller than CD quality .wav file).


.wav, AIFC, AIFF, WMA, Cubase 7.5 or higher project files.  MIDI files are available where indicated.


Sampling rate

44.1k to 192k (most projects are recorded at 48k)


Bit depth

16, 24, bit or 32 bit floating point


Listen before purchasing

By hovering over the "Production Tracks" button in the main menu of this web site you will see a list of genres.  Click on your favorite genre button to access the music.  You will get a list and description of everything I currently have available in that genre. You can click on the play button to preview an mp3 of the mix in it's entirety.  When you find something you like, click on the "Purchase" link to fill out a purchase order.

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