Escape Velocity

by Taylor Sappe

Released 2011
Captain Blue Records
Released 2011
Captain Blue Records
An eclectic instrumental album. Contains elements of Pop, Techno, Dance, Jazz, Rock and New Age, 20th Centrury, with combined influences of Yanni, Bartok, Stravisky, Beethoven and Mozart.
Escape Velocity is an eclectic collection of instrumental songs written between 1983 and 1993. The songs were primarily written and produced by Taylor Sappe. However, there were a few collaborations with David and James Buyarsky. David Buyarski played electric guitar on many of the recordings and James Buyarski played keyboard on Evils Of The Flesh.

It was originally recorded on a Teac 4-track reel-to reel tape recorder and mixed down to a Tascam 2-track reel to reel 1/4'" tape. It was recently digitally re-mastered.

The compositions contain elements of many different genres of music, ranging from Classical to Heavy Metal, each piece painting a new picture.

To best appreciate the stereo separation, listening with headphones (not earplugsn or earbuds) is highly recommended.

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