Get Branded

by Kelc

Released 2012
Captain Blue Records
Released 2012
Captain Blue Records
Bridging the gap between old and new country music.
Aside from each song telling it's own story, the sequence of songs in this album tell their own story. The album opens with "Old Country Legends", a tribute to Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. These two artists were most influential in KelC's style, so she makes the statement that this is is her main influence, which she added some modern influences and her own brand of country music.

The story is then already in progress with a mother lovingly disciplining her daughter in the song "Wayward Friend". This is at the heart of the story, but in the next song, "One Minute", it flashes back to the beginning of where it all started, as this young girl saw the man of her dreams and had to do something about it. He begins to fall in love with her, but she's not sure what she wants to do about it and needs more time to think about it to be sure she is making the right decision. That is reflected in the song "Give Me Time".

Finally she falls mutually in love with him and believes they were meant for each other, as sung in "Destiny". The love affair gets hot and heavy to where they are both crazy in love and she fears that she might someday lose him. She sings "The Fear of Losing You". To get her hooks into him even stronger, she gets pregnant, thinking that will ensure that he will stay with her and never leave. However, he is not ready to become a parent yet, and doesn't want to pay child support, so he threatens to leave unless she has an abortion. She is so madly in love with this man that she has the abortion, but afterwards realizes that she had just taken a human life, and is overcome by guilt, which is reflected in "The Choice".

Because she is now different, and there is friction in their relationship, he turns to someone else for love, but doesn't tell her. Ironically, she overhears a conversation by two women about what a great lover her man is, mentioning him by name. "Droppin' Names" tells it all, and it is time to kick this guy to the curb.

She dumps him and he ends up not staying with the woman he had an affair with. She sees him on the street once in awhile and thinks about what was, what might have been, and what is, as she sings "Tomorrow Is A Word We'll Never Know".

The years pass by, and all he is is a memory to her, and she to him. They both occasionally think back as they are "Holding On To Remembering".

The story ends, you are hooked on it, the book is closed, and KelC tells you, in the song "You Got Branded", that you have just been branded with her style.

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