Holding On To Remembering

by Kelc

Released 2010
Captain Blue Records
Released 2010
Captain Blue Records
A Patsy Cline style version of a modern southern rock song converted into old country.
This song was previously recorded by Deva-kant (http://www.myspace.devakantmusic) in 2002. The CD that it is on is still selling to date. It was originally done as a southern rock ballad. The publisher felt that it would be a good song for KelC, a new up and coming Patsy Cline style country singer: You can see KelC's entire bio on her web site. She also has a myspace music page:

Kelsey had recorded some songs by Patsy Cline at the DeMelfi School of Music recording studio in Hazleton, Pa. Producer/engineer/instructor Taylor Sappe liked the quality of her work so much that he posted these songs on his web site: Joel Witner of Backstage Productions used this web page to audition KelC for the leading role in a play about the life of Patsy Cline and she got the part. You can read more about it at KelC's web site.

This song will appear on both a compilation CD of several students and associates of the DeMelfi School of Music, and will also appear on KelC's full length CD, which is currently in the making. This is the first of 3 songs that have been completed for the CD as of this posting on 8/20/10. Watch for the other two, soon to be released, which are "Destiny" and "Give Me Time". The next two in line for recording are "Wayward Friend", previously recorded by "Joggyn Smyler" (, and a newly written song exclusively for KelC, titled "That's Why I Love You".

Be sure to check KelC's web site for the progress of each recording and to see how close to completion of her full length CD is so you can be among the first to own one when it comes out.

Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction