One Minute

by KelC

Released 2011
Captain Blue Records
Released 2011
Captain Blue Records
This playful tune was written by Tara Ritts and multi-hit songwriter Jerry Vandiver. Watch the story unfold before you as you listen to KelC sing it.
KelC is your ordinary 18 year old with an extraordinary be a professional Country singer. Since the day KelC, born Kelsey Cronauer, could talk, she was already humming along to the radio. Growing up in Pennsylvania, KelC had the average teenage life, with going to school, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family. Her Grandparents, Anna and Fred Zmitrovich, introduced her to the music that would change her life and give her a dream. Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash influence KelC's music, adding to her own twist of Country flair.
At the age of 8, KelC started studying music at the DeMelfi School of Music in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. She took vocals for a few years, but, like most teenagers do, she lost focus of her dream and stopped taking lessons. However, KelC still performed whenever she could at local gigs, including with a Country/Western band when she was 10 years old earning her a standing ovation to Loretta Lynn's song "Coal Miner's Daughter".
KelC also joined a local community theatre, where she had many roles, including her favorite role as Patsy Cline in the production 'Always...Patsy Cline' with J&P Productions in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Nothing can ever take the place of the feeling of being able to sing Patsy's songs and have the audience appreciate it. KelC also got to meet Patsy Cline's real life neighbor at the show!!
Being introduced to Classic Country music changed KelC's way of thinking. How cool would it be to keep Patsy's and Johnny's music alive? KelC truly appreciates the "good ole days" that her Grandparents spoke so fondly of. The times where men worked hard and women were classy. The times when George Jones and Dolly Parton could be heard on the radio daily on almost any station. The times where men and women were respectful, conservative, and had true family values. That's one of KelC's biggest goals to achieve while doing her music. Bring back the music that kept millions of people happy, even millions of people today that still listen to Patsy, Johnny, and Loretta.
KelC still lives in Pennsylvania and is a Senior in High School taking online classes. She is now recording with her manager and teacher, Taylor Sappe, an instructor at the DeMelfi School of Music. She plans to bring back that good ole' Classic Country sound that brought great memories to many, but with her own unique flair to it. As Taylor would say KelC's music is "building the bridge between Old Country and New Country". KelC has been given the wonderful opportunity of recording some great songs by various songwriters. She is cowriting a song, and is currently learning to write songs!

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