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What's New 2004

Please note that some or all links may be dead since the posting of this page.

  • 11/17/04: I added a new section to the bottom of the home page: New songs being worked on. This section will let you know what new songs I am planning to add to my song list and have already started learning.
  • 11/7/04: Drops of Jupiter, by Train has been added to my song list.
  • 10/8/04: I have added a new free song to the music download page, titled "Palm Of Your Life". The arrangement contains violins, trombones and flutes. This is in conjunction to the creation of a new section of the download page called "Freebies". To show my appreciation for those who visit my web site frequently, I will be leaving one song at random times in this section. Songs left here will either be removed at a later date or moved to the paid download section. So get your freebie while you can, and keep checking back regularly for a new freebie.
  • 9/2/04: There are now 5 songs in my song list that can be downloaded and listened to as an audition. These are just guitar and vocal to demonstrate what I sound like live.
  • 8/26/04: Other sections of the web that were not related to music have been removed. This web site is now rated G and is appropriate for family viewing.
  • 8/25/04: The bio has been updated to a complete makeover.
  • 8/9/04: A new section titled Educational Articles has been added to this web. These are instructions for novice musicians and recording artists to show them how to get the best possible performance.
  • 8/1/04: Special Thanks has been added to the menu at the left. These are my thanks to people who are responsible in some way for getting me out there to perform as a soloist.