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What's New 2005

Please note that some or all links may be dead since the posting of this page.

  • 12/12/05: Add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
  • 11/13/05: New press. An article printed by the White Haven Journal Herald about the "Banding Together For Hurricane Relief" benefit concert.
  • 9/8/05: I added some new songs to the list of the finished but awaiting final mastering for the CD.
  • 8/18/05: I have added a new free educational article for recording musicians: Best method for recording acoustic guitar and voice.
  • 8/16/05: I have added two new songs to my song list: "Mrs. Robinson (Simon & Garfunkel) and "Nights Are Forever Without You (England Dan & John Ford Coley).
  • 8/9/05: A new educational article titled, "How Long Should I Practice" has been added.
  • 7/11/05: 2 new songs have been added to my song list: "Saturday In The Park" (Chicago), and "The Boxer" (Simon & Garfunkel [by request]). Recordings of these songs are coming soon.
  • 7/6/05: The following Jim Croce songs have been added to the free downloads of my song list: "Don't Mess Around With Jim", "Rapid Roy", "Operator" and "Which Way Are You Going"
  • 6/15/05: I added two more downloadable songs to my song list: Taxi, and Love Will Keep Us Alive.
  • 6/9/05: Up until now, you had to search around this web to find the free stuff. But not there is both a single page showing all of the freebies on this site, and a new menu item at the left for Free Stuff.
  • 6/7/05: I posted a new free music lesson. This one is in songwriting. It takes you through each step until you have written a complete song.
  • 5/2/05: A new educational article, titled "Grip Optimization For Guitarists" has been added.
  • 4/17/05: The new song "Keeper Of The Flame" has been added to the music download section.
  • 4/14/05: The song "Spin Around" has been moved from the "Limited Time" free section to the 99 cent download section. The story behind the song has been added to it.
  • 4/12/05: I have added a new free educational article, titled "Practice tips for musicians". This is a guide to getting the most out of your practice sessions and addresses levels from beginner to advanced.
  • 4/3/05: I have added some more live recordings to my song list. Just click on the underlined links to listen. All downloadable songs are listed first.
  • 3/12/05: A few names have been added to my "Special Thanks" section.
  • 3/3/05: If you play acoustic guitar, check out this educational article on how to improve your timing.
  • 1/23/05: Palm of Your Life has been removed from the free download section and replaced with Spin Around. Palm of Your Life mp3 file can now be downloaded for 99ยข, and the sheet music for $2.00.
  • 1/2/05: You can now access this web site through two addresses: taylor.com and taylorsappe.com. I recommend that you begin and continue to access it through taylorsappe.com, because when the domain registration for taylor.com expires it won't be renewed, and taylorsappe.com will be the new permanent address. If you have taylor.com in your favorites or bookmarks, please change it to taylorsappe.com now.
  • 12/19/04: "Strange Days" has been added to the music download list,