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What's New 2006

Please note that some or all links may be dead since the posting of this page.

  • 12/30/06: Angela Vito records Rhiana's "Unfaithful". Also, Nickelback's "Rock Star" has been added to my song list.
  • 12/23/06: 18 year old Voice student Angela Vito sings two beautiful modern country songs.
  • 12/16/06: Voice student Nickolene Gerenza does her first recording in my studio, of a song she performed at the November 2006 recital and totally captivated her audience. She sings Christina Agulara's "Hurt".
  • 12/11/06: Kira once again amazes me with her talent. Listen to her latest recording of Jewel's "Foolish Games", where Kira accompanies herself on piano for the first time.
  • 11/21/06: I recently recorded "Oh Holy Night" for a Christmas CD of local artists, which will be used for charity. More on this upon the release of the CD, which is expected around the early part of December 06. Also, today I am scheduled for an interview on L.A. Tarone's TV show. Air dates will be announced as soon as I find out.
  • 10/29/06: Voice student Kira Krakovesky records "My Immortal".  At age 12 she recorded 5 songs that were posted to this web site. This is the first recording since her 13th birthday on October 12th, 2006. Kira is currently playing the leading role in the Backstage Productions' version of Disney's "High School Musical".
  • 10/16/06: On October 15th I sat in with the Hazleton Chorale and am considering becoming a member.
  • 9/25/06: I have added a new FAQ page for Songwriting. Because there is now more than one category, when you click on "FAQ" in the menu on the left, you will get an FAQ Menu, which shows the different categories. This will leave the door open for expansion with more categories to be added.
  • 9/24/06: A new page has been added to this web, titled "Live Performance Equipment", showing all of the equipment I use on live performances.
  • 9/22/06: As of August 7th, 2006, an administration change at Tower Records has resulted in my CD "Insomniac Dreams", being no longer available at their web site. I just found out about this today, so if you attempted to order a CD through Tower Records, and couldn't find it, please go to CD Baby to order it. Please take the time to write a review while you are there.
  • 9/19/06: A recording of "Stairway to Heaven" has been added to my song list.
  • 9/1/06: Two more cover songs have been added to my song list that you can download and listen to: "Solitary Man" and "Wild World"
  • 8/28/06: My CD "Insomniac Dreams" now has widespread digital distribution.
  • 8/6/06: Voice Student Angela Vito adds "What A Feeling" to her list of recordings.
  • 7/30/06: Two changes were made on this date.
    1. Voice Student Kira continues to lead the pack of student recordings with a new Joss Stone song "Super Duper". This is her 5th demo posted to my Student Recording page.
    2. If you go to my song list page and scroll down to the "Original Songs", you will see links on some of the songs. These are the songs from my "Insomniac Dreams" CD album. Each link will take you to the same page at CD Baby. From that page you can select the song you want to hear and a low quality (for fast download) 2 minute clip of the song will play. You can write a review if you like, and/or order the CD.
  • 7/26/06: I have added some interesting new resources to my "Links" page.
  • 7/15/06:I now have a starting time of 5:00 pm for the August 27th Jam Below The Dam concert. See schedule.
  • 7/12/06: Another recording by voice student Angela Vito of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
  • 6/21/06: Another recording by Voice Student Kira Krakovesky of Joss Stone's "You Had Me"
  • 6/14/06: More voice student recordings have been added.
  • 6/2/06: Two more downloadable recordings have been added to my song list. One that has been on the list for awhile but hasn't been recorded lately, "Love Is The Opening Door", and a new addition to the list, "Wake Me Up When September Ends".
  • 5/13/06: 3 more downloadable recordings have been added to my song list: "Me & Julio", "Taxi", and "Rapid Roy".
  • 5/11/06: My CD "Insomniac Dreams" is now available at Apple's IToons.
  • 4/29/06: Check out these sound clips of recordings I made of some of my voice students at the DeMelfi School Of Music.
  • 4/26/06: 3 new downloads have been added to my song list: American Pie (also a new song added to the list), Name, and Operator.
  • 4/16/06: You can now see what songs I have started working on since my last performance. Also, I have made some modifications to my performance schedule and guest book.
  • 4/11/06: My CD "Insomniac Dreams" is now available for download through digital distribution at these companies:
    1. MusicNet
    2. MusicIsHere
    3. Apple iTunes
  • 2/5/06: I am now teaching at the DeMelfi School of Music in Hazleton. Subjects: Voice, Songwriting, acoustic guitar, Bass guitar. To sign up for any of my private instruction studies, call 570-455-2728 and be sure to ask to have me as your instructor.
  • 1/3/06: Check out my new music site on MySpace.
  • 1/20/06: I recently stumbled on this article by the Citizens Voice, about the August 2005 Jam Below The Dam in White Haven.
  • 1/22/06: On January 15th, 2006, the Hazleton Standard Speaker published this review by L.A. Tarone of my "Insomniac Dreams" CD. This is my first press in 2006, and the best one yet.