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What's New 2008

Please note that some or all links may be dead since the posting of this page.

  • 12/24/08: I updated the free lesson "Vocal Tips".
  • 11/12/08: Amber Schadder has a new song on her page, "The Start Of Something New", from "Highschool Musical".
  • 10/13/08: Just finished a production project in support of wounded soldiers.
  • 6/15/08: 12 year old Amber Schadder finished recording "Go My Own Way" from High School Musical.
  • 5/20/08: A new student, Emily Alvear, has recorded Miley Cirus's "If We Were A Movie", in my studio at the DeMelfi School of Music.
  • 5/9/08: See some of the pictures we took in Chicago. I will add more later, along with some comments on these, and some short video clips, but here's a start.
  • 4/23/08: Picked up a few gigs in my old hometown. See my schedule.
  • 4/3/08: My audition/song list page is being re-worked to reflect my current status.
  • 2/25/08: Blackbird has been added to my song list and is playable by clicking on the link.
  • 1/18/08: I added 2 new songs that I wrote to my MySpace page: "Thunder in My Heart" and "I Don't Understand". I am working on these for my next album, while continuing to work on the second album for "Child Prodigies".