Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction

 What's New 2010

Please note that some or all links may be dead since the posting of this page.

  1. 11/17/10: Two voice students have recorded songs: 13 year old Calyn Lutz sings "Best Day", and 14 year old Alyssa Golden sings "Only Hope". Also, KelC (Kelsey Cronauer) has released another single from her upcoming "Get Branded" CD, titled "Wayward Friend", written by Frank Zelasny/Joggyn Smyler, released on Captain Blue Records.
  2. 10/3/10: Two of Kelsey Cronauer's songs for her upcoming CD "Branded", have been released. Hear and download them.
  3. 9/15/10: Check out the recent update on current production projects.
  4. 7/31/10: My production projects page has been updated to include current projects.
  5. 7/10/10: Kelsey Cronauer, one of my students, has begun recording her full length CD.
  6. 6/24/10: I started and updated a new page, titled "My Blog".
  7. 3/9/10: Two new headings have been added to my bio: Teaching, and Retirement from performing.
  8. 2/23/10: Check out this interesting story: The Guild That Got Away. Also, check me out on Twitter where I also posted a link to this story.
  9. 2/2/10: I am now offering piano lessons for beginners of all ages.
  10. 1/11/10: New press clipping on my participation in the production of a tribute Chrismas CD recorded by Jennifer Soltis.
  11. 1/4/10: Some new press on the establishment of the Rock Music Academy at the DeMelfi School of Music.