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Karaoke out of your key?

Do you have a karaoke song that is not in a comfortable key for you to sing? I can transpose it into the right key for you. If you have the original version of the song with the original artist singing, I can transpose that as well. This allows you to practice with the original singer, but in your key, not theirs.

Do you have completed studio recording tracks that are not in the right key for your vocalist? I can transpose them into the right key.

Option 1:

Let me know in terms of semi-tones, whole steps or intervals, up or down how much it needs to be transposed: $5 for the first file of each session, $3 for the second file of each session, $2 for each additional file in the same session.


Email it to me or bring it to the studio in any modern form of media. The transposed version can be emailed back to you (after payment is made using PayPal) or transferred to the same media you brought it in on. (Add $2 if transferred to CD).

Option 2:

Bring the singer to our studio to find out which key works best

bullet   We can do this by conducting a range check or by trial and error by having the singer sing along with a number of different transpositions until they find one that is comfortable. The cost for this portion of the service is $40 per hour prorated to the number of minutes used (approx. 63 cents a minute
bullet   After the singer's range check is completed and the proper key is determined, the hourly rate stops and costs for option 1 are applied.


No-risk Guarantee


In cases where there are only a few steps of transposition involved, the sound quality is usually equal to that of the original recording. However, In situations where extreme transpositions are needed, the quality of the resulting file is slightly degraded. This why I will let you hear the resulting file before you pay for it. If you approve it and pay for it, the sale becomes final and there will be no returns. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you pay nothing. 


If .wav files for a multi-track recording project are transposed, all tracks for one song must meet with your approval before you are expected to pay for the transposition, unless otherwise agreed upon by you. An example would be if you gave us 10 tracks for a single song in a multi-track recording project and 9 of them transposed without any degradation, but 1 track didn't meet with your approval. If it is critical that all tracks must have no degradation, you pay for nothing (and leave with nothing). If you feel that the degraded track was simple enough to re-record in the new key, you can choose to pay for the other 9 and leave with 9 transposed tracks.


If you have come to my studio for transposition, you will be able to hear the quality on site. If I need to email or upload the file to you, a short clip of the file will be sent or uploaded and a link sent for your approval. Payment required prior to sending the complete file. Email payments may be made using PayPal.


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