Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction

Taylor Sappe - Producer/Composer/Teacher


Taylor Sappe is a Pine Grove, Pa. based multi-genre composer/songwriter/producer and alumnus of Berklee College of Music, and founder of Music For World Peace Records.


Musical influences range from Bartok and Stravinsky to modern pop music.


In the early 70s Taylor performed as a guitar/vocal soloist for a living.  In 1976 he decided to attend Berklee College Of Music in Boston to learn about different genres of music.  His major was music composition.


While at Berklee, Taylor purchased a 4-track multi-track tape recorder and began recording his fellow students to earn extra money while at college.  He also took Berklee's audio recording course and began to develop an interest in recording, mixing, editing, and mastering.  He was trained on analog gear and in 2002 migrated to digital recording.  As of the date of this bio, Taylor uses Cubase pro for his musical productions.


Taylor has released numerous recordings on most major digital platforms and has both released and unreleased music on Songtradr and SoundCloud.  With a name like Taylor Sappe, web searches are easy because he is the only person in the world with that name.


In 1980 Taylor formed Captain Blue Music, a BMI affiliated publisher and record label.  In 1982 he released his original song titled "Dancin' ", with a band named "Wojo", which became a regional hit and received heavy airplay from Boston to Philadelphia.


For a brief time, Taylor got into artist management.  One of his artists was KelC, who recorded an album titled "Get Branded", which was nominated for a Grammy for best country album of 2013.


Taylor has since taken the sync licensing approach, and in 2018 got his first mood music licensing deal for an original smooth jazz composition titled "By The Bay", which is now part of his Jazz album titled "All That Jazz".


Taylor has been teaching music at the DeMelfi School of Music in Hazleton, Pa. since 2005, and to date teaches only music production and music business.


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