Lyrics for your music 

I can give you the fastest results if you can do this:
Provide me with a music track without lyrics and melody. 
If you already have a topic in mind, let me know and I will keep the lyrics focused on that topic.
If you don't have a topic to write about, choose one that you have experienced.  I will need to ask questions about that topic to help me gather the details I need for your song. 

When lyrics are complete, you can create your own phrasing from them.  Alternatively, I can show you what rhythmic phrasing I had in mind when I created them.  This is done by giving you a track of spoken lyrics to the rhythm of your music.  

If you need a melody I can sing what I had in mind when creating the lyrics and add that track to your music. This will be "work-tape" quality vocal, with the intention of being replaced by your voice or a vocalist of your choice.  


Donation based pricing 

When the lyrics are finished, send a donation that let me know how happy you are with my work and I will transfer copyright ownership to you.

 When you make a donation these fixed rate services become donation based for you:

Tracks Recorded to your written chord progression 

If you have a chord progression written, but don't play an instrument well enough to provide me with a music track, I can create one for you. 
I can accept written chord progressions in two ways:

  1. Provide me with a chord chart with number of bars mapped out into sections with the chord changes over the appropriate bars and beats.  If you have a tempo in mind, please indicate it.
  2. Provide me with a list of chords in the order you want them played and I will assemble them into sections, bars and beats and record one track of piano or guitar.
  3. Additional tracks can be added for additional donations for each track.  Tracks can be instruments or vocals, male or female.

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