Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction

Music For Lyrics

Okay, so you've written a great set of song lyrics, and now need music for them, or you have written a poem and need help structuring it into song lyrics. Let's turn it into a song.  Here is what you get:

Tweak your lyrics to fit commercial or non-commercial musical structure.
Add chords and melody to your lyrics.
Make a professional quality distribution-ready demo or master recording of your completed song.

Anyone with a PayPal account can place orders by email.  Large files can be delivered via dropbox or on CD by US Postal Service.

If you live within driving distance to Hazleton, Pa., one-on-one sessions are conducted at the DeMelfi School of Music. Sessions can be ongoing or "as needed". Call the school for registration and tuition rates.

Sessions at the studio includes all of the above, plus you can choose to learn how to:

Add chords and/or melody to your lyrics if you play an instrument.
Get your songs into digital distribution with ITunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and many more.
Promote your music online and grow your fan base.

Online collaboration

If you are not within driving distance to Hazleton, email me for online collaboration. You can send your lyrics to me by email and I can add melody and chords to it. 

Collaboration Pricing

  You get full ownership of the song:
Chords and melody with rough demo & lead sheet $150
With Professional demo for pitching $300
  If I get half ownership of the song:
Chords and melody with professional demo and lead sheet $150