Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction

BMI affiliated published songwriter since 1979
Producer/engineer and A&R for Captain Blue Records since 1980

Instructor at DeMelfi School of Music since 2005



Special Thanks

I give my special thanks to the following people who made it possible for me to be where I am today. This list is not in order of priority, but in the order of occurrence.

Jim Gasper (R.I.P) for constantly encouraging me to do better.

Barry Hirschberg who saved me from starvation when I lived in New York in 1971. After losing my job at Braniff International Airways at JFK airport, I persued the tough course of trying to make a living with music. The gigs didn't provide enough income to survive. Barry had a deli/sub shop called, "My Hero". At closing time he would give me all of the left over food. Barry truly is my hero! He  now owns and operates a video production company in New Jersey. Click on the link to see how far Barry has come over the years.

George Graham for playing my music on both Homegrown Music and Mixed Bag radio shows on WVIA FM.

Mike Naydock for the Cellar Full of Noise radio and TV shows that aired my songs.

Ken Gallagher for encouraging me to get back into it.

Lucyann Edwards for the acoustic guitar she gave me for a birthday present. I was procrastinating about buying a guitar and probably wouldn't have had one to this day if it wasn't for Lucyann.

Bob Gidosh for having me play at his camp site each time he goes camping and for not missing any of my performances unless he was extremely sick. Also for his ongoing support and constant encouragement.

Deva-kant for the use of his PA system during the times when he is not booked, until I was able to afford my own PA system.

Keith's Bistro for providing me with a venue for my first public solo performance in 28 years. Keith's Bistro is now out of business. What a shame! It was a great place for musicians to perform and people to enjoy the entertainment.

L.A. Tarone for the many kind articles he wrote on me in the Hazleton Standard Speaker and for playing my music on his radio show.

Patrice Baker for supplying me with some of the music that I needed to complete my show, and her constant encouragement and ongoing support.

Jerry Krakovesky for his constant support, needed critiques, and occasional technical help.

Mary Laser for helping to steer me away from making costly mistakes.

Intrepid Dective Agency for providing me with part time employment for an extra income while preparing my solo act.

Wister Yuhas for his help in creating the time slots I needed for practicing, rehearsal and organizing my show.

Michelle Potts for her constant support and help in getting gigs. And for showing up at all of my gigs, even under the worst conditions. But most of all, for rescuing me from a bad situation and giving me a loving home.

Danny DeMelfi for giving me the opportunity to teach at his music school. He has provided me with the best job of my life. I am now earning a good living doing something that I love. Teaching music is the only work I love more than performing. When I left Berklee in 1979 I had no desire to teach music. I didn't realize that I would love it so much. Now I wish I had started sooner.

Dean Reinbold for helping me to redeem myself from a mistake I made in 1971 and have been beating myself up over all these years.

Dean Paul for providing me with additional music production employment in the Baltimore area when my teaching schedule is slow.

Kelsey Cronauer for the pleasure of having worked with such a fine talent, and getting me interested in country music enough to establish connections in the country music industry, and for co-writing the song "Old Country Legends", which appeared on the "Get Branded" album, which was nominated for a Grammy for best country album of 2013, and came in at number 37, ahead of some major label artists. 

Patrick Kreisl for getting the album "Get Branded", which I produced, engineered, and co-wrote on one of the songs, a Grammy nomination.