BMI affiliated published songwriter since 1979
Producer/engineer and A&R for Captain Blue Records since 1980

Instructor at DeMelfi School of Music since 2005


Music production and instruction

Songwriting instruction

Learn to write songs fast with limited musical skills using music technology. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Track Writing

Need music for your lyrics?  Bring it all together fast with track writing.  Track writing instruction using Cubase or co-writing collaborations. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Music theory instruction

Understand the language of music. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Guitar instruction

Learn to read both tablature and standard notation, improvisation. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Functional keyboard instruction 

The many uses of the piano keyboard in modern music composition techniques. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Voice instruction & coaching

Learn how to take care of your voice, train for pitch and rhythm accuracy, dynamic control and expression. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Recording, Editing, mixing & mastering in the digital domain

Microphone types and placement, tracking audio and midi, sound manipulation, plug-ins. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Music production

Create massive instrumental arrangements using loops and a keyboard. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Music production for licensing

Preparing your music for licensing in various formats, meta tagging.  Includes leads in the licensing industry. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Hire a producer

Hire my services with my equipment or yours for an hourly rate.  Get your music on ITunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more. Click the Contact button in the menu above.

Your Own Loop Creations

Do you have loops you created or sections of a song you recorded that you would like to use in other recording projects? Bring them into my studio or send them to me and I will prepare them so they can be used in any DAW project and will follow the tempo of the project.  Click the Contact button in the menu above.


Coming Soon

Tracks for hire

Instrumental tracks categorized by genre for use by songwriters and artists who need full production, customizable tracks, in full song form, for the purpose of recording vocals over pre-recorded music.  "Customizable" means you will be able to import the tracks into your DAW and change the form, and add or remove instruments as needed.

Pricing will be based on these variables:

  1. Number of tracks in a project.
  2. Exclusive verses non-exclusive licensing.
  3. Cubase Pro 9 project files verses stem file exports.
  4. Stem delivery method (Grouped verses non-grouped stems, Wet verses dry (and any combinations), mastered verses un-mastered). 

Pricing expectations

Think of what it would cost you to hire a studio and pay for both studio time and musicians to record your music tracks.  Add to that the value of your time and how much of your time it is going to take to accomplish the task. 

The tracks I will be making available for licensing will give you the same thing, and although they will not be cheap, they will be designed to save you a significant amount of time and money.  Because of the ability to re-license non-exclusive tracks, there will be a significant difference in price between non-exclusive and exclusive licenses.

Exclusive licenses will vary in price, depending on the time period of the license.  Time periods will be anywhere from 1 year to forever.

Each multi-track project will have a base price, which will be based on the number of tracks in the project, length of the project, a non-exclusive license, and Cubase Pro 9 project files delivery method. Additional costs will be based on stem configuration if stems are required, and upgrading to an exclusive license.

File Access

Full mixes of tracks will be available for preview in high quality mp3 format on this web site or by link to another web site.  When a purchase is made, using PayPal individual tracks or Cubase project files will be available via web link to dropbox for download.  After files are successfully downloaded, they will be removed from the dropbox folder to prevent someone else from stumbling upon that link and accessing the files you paid for.



Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction