Music Producer


BMI affiliated publisher and songwriter since 1979
Producer/engineer and A&R for Captain Blue Records since 1980
Instructor at DeMelfi School of Music since 2005
President at Music For World Peace Records since 2020




In my 50+ years in the music industry I have seen changes take place.  In recent years technology and the way people consume music has caused more rapid changes. My mission is to help aspiring artists, songwriters, composers, recording engineers and producers navigate these changes in ways that will help them earn a living with the work they love to do.  It has been said "When you do what you love for a living you never have to work a day in your life".


Lyrics for your music

Do you have a bed track (Music without lyrics or melody).  Get lyrics and melody for your track.  Click here for details.



Sometimes referred to as backing tracks, are available in many genres.  Add your own melody and lyrics.  They can be licensed as full mixes or DAW stems.  Prices vary depending on your needs.

Full Mixes: In your choice of file formats from mp3 to 48k 32 bit floating point.

DAW stems: Stems are individual tracks that were used in the creation of the beat.  Piano might be one stem, guitar another, bass another and drums could either be sent as a drum mix or separated into individual tracks of kick, snare, toms and cymbals.  These can be loaded into most DAWs and you can create your own arrangement by removing what you want where you want, moving portions of a track to another place in the project, and/or adding your own tracks to the stems.  Create your own mixes of professionally recorded tracks.  Unless otherwise requested, they will be in .wav format 48k sampling, 32 bit floating point.  You can request other file formats that might be more compatible to your DAW and work flow.

Choose from a number of pre-made beats or have custom beats made just for you.

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Beat Making instruction with Cubase Pro 10.5

Create massive instrumental arrangements with your computer.


  • Learn Cubase Pro 10.5
  • Introduction to sound design
  • Production tricks
  • Virtual instruments
  • Speed composing
  • Producing, editing, mixing and mastering for sync licensing
  • Arranging 


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Hire a producer 

  • Hire my 50+ years of experience making music.  
  • Get your music recorded, mixed and mastered
  • Get your music on all popular digital platforms such as ITunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and more. 

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Editing, Mixing, Mastering 

Using some of the latest technology we can tune vocals and instruments seamlessly, remove noise between phrases, tighten up timing errors, change envelope and add many kinds of effects. 

For mixing and mastering, bring us a commercially released track in the genre and instrumentation that you like and we will mix and master your tracks to sound as good as your reference track on all speaker systems.  We can also do blind mixes and masters (without reference tracks) and still produce great results. 

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Music production for sync licensing

  • Preparing your music for licensing in various formats
  • meta tagging 
  • Includes leads in the licensing industry
  • Understanding sync fees, consideration fees and back end royalties
  • Create revenue streams making music

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Songwriting instruction

Learn to write songs fast with little or no musical instrument skills using music technology.   Using Cubase Pro 9.5, I show you how to compose music and get a professional sounding recording without having to play an instrument. Using Masterwriter, I show you how to craft lyrics for your songs.  Using both, you can now write quality songs without having to wait for inspiration. Become a track writer in just a few lessons, and keep up your chops with ongoing one-on-one mentoring. 

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Remove vocals from a finished song

Can't find a good instrumental version of a song you like?  Whether it be a commercially released hit recording or a mix of your own original song that you don't have the stem tracks for, we can remove the lead and backup vocals from your recording.  Use your new instrumental as a beat for toplining, a backing track for your live performances, or record your own vocal over the top of the instrumental.  Our new AI software allows us to do this with minimal degradation in quality.  Please note that sometimes additional tweaking is necessary to get a clean recording.

$5 per song.  If additional tweaking is needed, the time is billed and pro-rated at $40 per hour.

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Music theory instruction

Beginner through advanced levels

  • Understand the language of music.
  • Make it do what you want it to do. 
  • Communicate with other musicians.  
  • Write songs faster. 
  • Eliminate writer's block. 
  • Analyze and emulate your favorite songs
  • College level tutoring in music composition

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Guitar instruction (Beginner and intermediate)


  • tablature
  • standard notation 
  • Strum patterns (grooves)
  • Scales
  • improvisation
  • Work on your favorite songs
  • Compose and play your own songs

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Functional piano keyboard instruction (Beginner and intermediate)

The many uses of the piano keyboard in modern music composition

  • Learn piano technique
  • Read music
  • Play your favorite songs
  • Playing virtual instruments on a piano keyboard
  • MIDI editing

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Recording instruction

  • Microphone types and placement
  • DAW function and navigation using Cubase 9.5
  • tracking audio and midi
  • sound manipulation
  • plug-ins.
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

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Artist development

Major record labels develop artists that they sign.  Artist development can range from how to improve your recordings and live shows to how to market yourself.  In my new course I teach all aspects of artist development to give the artist experience in stage presence, Social media marketing, how to develop a professional attitude, networking, budgeting, making a living with music, recording, songwriting, and all around navigation of the new music industry.  Can't afford $350 per hour for lessons with the heavy hitters who worked with stars, then these 2-hour monthly sessions for only $80 per session will give you the same instruction using their methods and will help you earn enough to afford their services when you are ready to take it to the next level.

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