7/3/20: The song "Love One Another", written by Mike Turner, Recorded by Alycia Catizone, and produced by me, is now on the newly created Music For World Peace Records label.  It is in the cue for worldwide digital distribution with an estimated release date of August 11, 2020, when it will begin to appear on all major digital platforms.

6/29/20: "Music For World Peace" record label has been established.  The website is located at MusicForWorldPeaceRecords.com.  The label has established a public facebook group for people who want to help spread a message of peace with music.  This is where you will find announcements for new releases by artists in the group as well as other news about upcoming projects and the growth of the label.  Click here to join.

6/19/20: A new service was added, called "Lyrics For Your Music".  Click here for details

3/25/20: Just prior to the outbreak I started a project called "Music For World Peace".  It is a private Facebook group of songwriters, artists and producers. from different countries. with the goal of influencing peace around the world.  For details and updates see projects I'm working on.